Memory Boxes and Objects

Memory Boxes

My latest series of works are part of a long running theme in my art based on my memory boxes started in earnest in 2000. These pieces are a continuation of my investigations on the theme of ‘re-memory’ and are based on the life time of memories and experiences predominantly with my family in our sea side home of Bawdsey on the Suffolk coast.

Beach combing and collecting has always been a shared passion in my family and the hoarder element of my late father’s personality finds a comfortable home in my psyche. I had an enriching and cherished childhood and in the raising of my own child the glimpses of the wonderful experiences I had are re-remembered.

In these boxes I aim to encapsulate the feelings and teachings of my childhood, not just to pass on but to also preserve, with the theme of nature and the coast at the forefront of the imagery.

© Alison Calvesbert. all rights reserved.

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